My PG safety notes …  I’ll add periodically.  Don’t…

My PG safety notes …  I’ll add periodically.  

  • Don’t fly in rotor
  • Don’t scratch, stay well above ground
  • Wind speeds <10mph (perfect weather)
  • Launch pause, abort launch if not perfect
  • Keep LZ within glide
  • Avoid over-confidence (gray, walk away)
  • Maintain equipment
  • Pre-flight inspection of equipment
  • 7 + 4 pre-flight checklist
  • Kite, kite, kite
  • Watch for mid-airs
  • Memorize active flying reactions
  • Harness back protection
  • Fly with radio, phone and garmin inreach
  • Watch for LZ hazards like power lines
  • Monitor constantly for “blow back”, stay well in front 
  • Don’t land in moving water